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Angel One

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Angel One App

Angel One App: Hello friends, are you thinking of earning money sitting at home? So I am going to tell you about a great Trading App. Are you people connected to the world of Trading? Are you involved in share market? Do you want to buy and sell stock of any company? Then this post is going to be very special for you.

Because today we are going to talk about The Best Trading App Angle One. Friends, in this post, how to download Angel One App? How to create Angel One Account? I am going to give Angel One Stock Buy And Sell and also Angle One App All Details so read this post completely.

What Is Angel One App

Friends, Angel One is a free trading app, with the help of which you can step into the world of stock market. You can buy and sell shares of any company or bank. Friends, if you know about Angle Broking App, then this is the same app, now the company has changed its name. Angel One app is one of the most famous app, it has a rating of 4.2 on Play Store and has more than 10 million downloads.

This app is also available for Android, IOS and Windows. Friends, Angel One is an Indian Broking Company, which was formed in 1987. The owner of this company i.e. the name of the Managing Director is Dinesh Takkar This company is currently in New Mumbai.

Angel One Meaning

Friends, if you are thinking that Why Angel Broking Is Angel One, then let me tell you what is the meaning of Angel One. Friends, Angel One means that all the work of all Angel One users (Stock Broking, Deposits Service, Mutual Funds, Investment Advisory, IPO, and Life Insurance etc.) will be done on this platform. You do not need to go to different places for different work.

How To Download Angel One App

To download Angel Broking Apk, you have to go to Play Store for Android User and App Store for I Phone User. After this, by searching the Angel One app from there, you have to download and install the Angel One App. Apart from this, you can also download by clicking on the Download Button given here.

Angel One App

How To Create Angel One Account

Friends to login Angel One, you have to first install and open the Angel One app and follow the step

:- Select Your Language
:- Click On Proceed Button
:- Now enter your name and mobile number.
After this, feel the OTP that will come on your number.
:- To create Complete Angel One Account, you will also have to add your Email ID, Adhar Card and Pan Card all this. After filling all the details, your Angel One Registration will be complete.

How To Add Fund In Angel One App

Friends, to add Angel One Fund, first of all, you will get to see the options of one Funds below click on it. After this you have to add funds from your bank account. First click on Add Fund Now enter the amount you want to add, after that select the payment method and confirm the payment. In this way you can add money from your bank account to Angel One Fund.

How To Create Watch List In Angel One App

Angel One App

Friends a great thing inside Angel Broking is that inside it you have been given the option of Watch List, with the help of which you will be able to buy stocks of any company or bank easily. To create Angel Broking Watchlist, you will get to see a watchlist option, click on it, after that click on the company you want to add inside your watchlist. In this way you can create many different watchlists.

How To Trading In Angel One

Friends, trading inside the Angel One app is very easy, for this you have to create an Angel One Watchlist first after creating your account. After this, the company or bank whose shares are to be bought and traded, should Select the name of the company and the bank. After this, click on the shares of the company you want to buy. Now you will get to see Buy and Sell option, there you can buy Angel One Share by clicking on Buy Option.

After clicking on Buy  you will be able to see the price of a stock of this company. Now put the number of stocks you want to buy in Quantity. If you want to buy stock for a single day and sell it on the same day, then select the Intraday option. And if you want to buy and keep the stock, then click on the option of Delivery. After this, click on the refresh button below so that your fund is shown now click on buy and confirm.

Angel One App Refer And Earn

Friends Angel One Refer & Earn Program is also given inside this app, with the help of which you can earn Up To 5000 Rupees. For this first you have to go to My Account. After this you will get to see Angel Broking Refer and Earn Option click there.

After this share your Angel One Refer Link with your friends on Whatsapp or other Social Media App. If someone downloads from your link and creates an account with complete KYC, then both of you will get a Scratch Card. This scratch card remains valid for 30 days.

How Stocks Buy And Sell In Angel One

How To Angel One Stocks Buy

Friends, to buy Angel One Stocks, you have to open your watchlist, after that click on the stocks of the company you want to buy, now the price of this stock will be shown in front of you, enter the quantity of the stocks you want to buy. Now you have to Select at what price you want to buy that stock. If you Select the market, then these stocks will be bought at the market price which is going on at the moment. And if you want to buy at your preferred price, then select the limit option and enter the price as per your requirement.

Now whenever the price of these stocks will touch the price you entered, then these stocks will automatically be bought. Now if you want to sell this stock on the same day then choose Intraday and buy and keep then choose delivery option and then click on buy option and buy Angel Broking Stocks. You can check by going to the option of Orders, you will see your purchased stocks under Pending Orders and Position. In the Pending option you will see your pending orders.

How To Angel One Stocks Sell

Friends to sell Angel Broking Stocks, click on the option of Portfolio, after that the list of all your stocks will open in front of OK. Whatever stocks you want to sell, click on the stocks, then click on Sell Option. Now put the number of stocks you want to sell inside the quantity. After that select the option of Market Price or Limit, now select the option of Delivery and click on Sell, then click on Confirm Sell and sell your stocks. You can check by going to the option of Orders and going to the option of Positions.

How To Withdraw In Angel One

Friends, whatever stocks you have sold, the money will be deposited in your fund which will be Withdrawable. To do Angel One Withdrawal, first click on Funds Option. After this, you will get to see the option of Withdrawal inside it, click on it. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw from the Withdrawable Amount and confirm by entering your bank details. Your money will be deposited in the bank within a day.

Angel One Calculator

Friends, Angel One Calculator comes in handy when you are buying a stock. Then you can easily check how much charge you are getting in it. For Angel One calculator, you have to search on Google by writing Angel One.

Angel One Charges

:- One Year Angel One Maintenance Charge ₹ 450
:- Intra-day trading charge ₹20
:- Commodities Charge ₹20
:- Currency Charge ₹20

Angel One Customer Care Number

:- 022-44443333
:- 02244114411
:- 080-4748 0048

How To Earn Money By Using Angel One App

Friends, to earn money from Angel One app, it is very important for you to have complete knowledge of share market. Because if you do not have complete knowledge about trading then it can be risky for you. To earn money from Angel One, first of all you have to buy shares of a company. After this, after the increase in the price of those shares, they have to be sold. On the other hand, if you feel that the price of your purchased stock is falling down and you are incurring losses, then you have to sell the stock immediately. Apart from this, you can also earn money from Angel One through Refer and Earn.

How To Stop Loss In Angel One App

Friends if you want that you never lose in the stock market, then you have to take special care of this. In this, if you have bought any stock and you want that there should not be much loss in it, then the facility of Angel Stop Loss has been given. In this you have to decide for how much you have to sell your stock.

If you have bought a stock at Rs 500 and you want it not to be sold below Rs 450, then you have to use Angel One Stop Loss. Now whenever the price of your stock is less than Rs.450, the broker will automatically sell your stock. Apart from this, if you want to sell this stock when its price becomes Rs.600, then it can also be an automatic sell.

So friends, I hope you like this post, then share this post as much as possible and bookmark the website to get more such information.

Note:- This App has money risk and can be addictive so play at your own risk.

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